Use different masks to target different areas of your face to address specific skin needs all at once. The result? Complexion benefits created by a customized product combination!
  • First, determine which areas of your face are oilier and which are drier.
  • Oilier areas most likely include the T-zone – chin, nose, and lower forehead.
  • Drier areas are likely to include the cheeks, upper forehead and under the eyes.
How to Multimask
  • Use a clean to apply.
  • Apply to the oily/acne-prone areas of your face.
  • Apply to the drier areas of your face.
  • Multimask before flying/traveling. Flying only augments problem skin areas, so be proactive by multimasking and getting ahead of the game.
  • Store moisture renewing gel mask in the refrigerator so it feels refreshingly cool when applied.
  • Choose one night a week to multimask, like on Sunday nights, so you can look forward to a little "me" time every week.
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