Nature's Beauty Secret

Shea butter is a centuries-old beauty secret from the West African savannah, known to protect, enrich and soften skin. A perfect ingredient for your everyday spa experience, shea butter wraps skin in creamy hydration bliss.

Indulge your skin with the shea butter moisture of the new Mary Kay® Satin Body® Collection.

Unplug from today’s stresses and bring the spa home with the Satin Body® Collection, luxurious Mary Kay® products formulated with the creamy bliss of shea butter and infused with the fresh scent of white tea and citrus. 

Satin Body® Indulgent Shea Wash

Let your shower be your escape. envelops you in a rich lather. Infused with nourishing shea butter, the wash gently cleanses your skin, soothes dry skin and leaves it feeling nourished and moisturized.

Satin Body® Revitalizing Shea Scrub

Awaken your senses as your skin comes back to life! Gentle enough to use daily, polishes skin to perfection and leaves it feeling invigorated and refreshed. In addition to shea butter, the scrub is also formulated with conditioning sunflower oil. 

Satin Body® Silkening Shea Lotion

Let satisfaction soak in.  comforts and melts into your skin, providing immediate relief for dryness. Formulated with luscious shea butter and enhanced with vitamin E, this quick-absorbing lotion leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturized, nourished, satiny-smooth and revitalized.

Special-Edition Satin Body® Whipped Shea Crème

For extra decadence and instant bliss, reach for special-edition when you need a bit more luxury. Like a plush, soft blanket, this additional indulgence gives you an extra layer of coziness. Along with nourishing shea butter, the crème is also formulated with mango butter, sunflower oil and apricot kernel oil.